Stephanie Simpson is the "me" in Me and Norman.
I illustrate under the name Me and Norman, Norman being my imaginary friend, a Nanimal from the tribe of Bushycathigersquill from the land of Nastraliam. With Norman at my side, I am fear- less and able to stare a blank page straight in the eyes and conquer it!
I generally work in three mediums that serve three different purposes. As a freelance illustrator, I have had to develop several different styles and mediums that can be exercised for different briefs. All three mediums have a common thread that speak of the personality of my illustrations – quirky, free, playful, expressive and sometimes silly. I don’t have the natural ability to recreate something exactly as it is in an illustrative form (I also don’t have a desire to draw like that), but rather I believe I am capable of capturing a single expression or a gesture successfully, recreating a moment in time. I really enjoy the freedom found in a “badly drawn picture” like, for instance, by a child or adult with no artistic background. There is a kind of “ugliness” that makes the drawing like-able.
I am very much focused on the process and place I climb into when drawing – a world that I am unable to leave once the drawing starts to take form where I am not so easily distracted like usual. Drawing, for me, is a kind of game I play to amuse myself. My hope is that my drawings will amuse the viewer in just the same way.
If it excites you to know, I come from a small town in the Eastern Cape called Uitenhage. I completed my in Fine Art, Illustration at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth in 2010 and then moved to Cape Town where I studied an Honours in Visual Art, Illustration at Stellenbosch University, graduating cum laude in 2014. I have just recently started a Masters in Visual Art with UNISA. I lecture illustration at a creative college here in Cape Town and try and squeeze in as much time as possible in my studio working on commissions.